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My charging session won't start
My charging session won't start
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When encountering a situation where charging fails to initiate, it's important to confirm that your vehicle is capable of accepting incoming current and isn't experiencing any error states. In the case of our chargers, a common scenario is that the vehicle might enter an error state after the charging cable is connected, resulting in a delayed start to the charging process. In most instances, this can be resolved by simply reattaching the cable and attempting to initiate charging again.

For those using third-party chargers within the VOOL environment, if you find that your charging session isn't commencing as expected, consider following these steps:

· Make sure that your firmware for the charger is up to date.
· Disconnected the charger from the VOOL OCPP server
· Reset the charger’s network and obtain a new IP address
· Reconnect the charger to the VOOL OCPP server once again.

In case the mentioned steps didn't help, please contact us at: [email protected]

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