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Status Lights and Sounds
Status Lights and Sounds
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The VOOL Charger is intuitively designed to provide visual feedback during the charging process to assist you in understanding the status of your charging session.

The status lights are shown when:

• The charger is connected to a power source.

• The charger is ready to charge and the cable is properly connected.

• The charger has started charging.

• The charger has completed the charging.

• An error or issue occurred in the charging process.

• Smart charging has been initiated.

The status of the charger

Status light

Status sound

The EVSE is connected to the power and ready to use This light indicates that the EVSE is connected to a power source and is ready to charge


One beep

The cable is properly connected & ready to charge.


Two beeps

Start the charging
This light indicates that the charging process has started and that EV is receiving power from EVSE

Green fast pulsing



Green pulsing slowly


End of charging
This light indicates that the battery is fully charged & the charging session is complete.

Green solid


Fault or error
This light will indicate that there is an issue with the charging process.



Software update
Do not use the EVSE or turn it off!

Blue pulsing


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