How to Fix an Offline Device?
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Here are some tips and tricks to apply if your VOOL charger goes offline and cannot reconnect.

If a device is offline, remote configuration and control of the charger cannot be performed. Additionally, tracking the charging session data and performing software updates on the charger become impossible.

Please note, an offline charger can still charge if it was configured to work in Autostart mode.

Troubleshooting an Offline Device

  • First, ensure the device is correctly connected to the power source

  • If a device goes offline and doesn't reconnect automatically, please power cycle the device to check if the connection is restored.

  • If no luck, then ensure that your router(s) and WiFi devices are operational, and the internet connection is stable.

  • Ensure that the WiFi signal is strong at the charger / LMC.

    • Frequently, when the LMC is connected via WiFi, the signal is significantly weakened within the cabinet due to the metal enclosure. In such cases, we recommend using an external antenna. You can attach the antenna to the LMC and position it outside the cabinet for better signal strength.

    • Sometimes, you may need to restart your router.

  • If your charger is connected via 4G, establish a Bluetooth connection with the device. Ensure that the 4G (LTE) connection is activated.

    • If it is activated and the 4G signal is strong, please send us a message at [email protected] so we can check the status of your SIM card.

  • Also, make sure to double-check the charger and LMC configuration on the Vool Portal (

    • If the charger is connected to the LMC via CAN, and the LMC itself is connected to the internet, ensure that the "OCPP source" setting on the charger side is set to "LMC".

WiFi Network Connection Fails on a VOOL Charger

If you receive an error message indicating a failed WiFi connection attempt, you can attempt to resolve it by restoring the VOOL charger to its factory settings. To do this, establish a Bluetooth connection with the device, navigate to Device Details, and locate the reset button at the bottom of the screen.

Please ensure that the network cables are properly connected

The left network port on the charger supports both CAN and LAN communication, whereas the right port exclusively accepts CAN communication.

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