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Charging with a Type 2 plug
Charging with a Type 2 plug
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Check compatibility: Ensure that the Type 2 plug is compatible with

your EV. The Type 2 plug is compatible with most EV models sold in the


Open the charging port: Depending on your EV model, you may need

to press a button or unlock the charging port before opening it.

Plug in the charging cable: Insert the Type 2 plug into your EV’s

charging port.

Start the charging process: By default settings, charging will start


If start charging settings have been adjusted, activate the charging

process via the VOOL Portal, the VOOL App, or with an RFID card.

Monitor the charging process: Use the VOOL Portal or the VOOL App

to keep track of your charging sessions. You can use both methods to

monitor information about charging speed, cost, and energy


• Stop the charging process: The charging process will automatically

stop when your EV battery is fully charged. However, you can have the

option to stop the charging process at any time by unplugging the

charging cable or pressing ‘Stop’ button within the VOOL Portal or App.

Do not use the charger and immediately contact the distributor or manufacturer if:

• The charger has visible damage.

• The cable or connector has visible damage.

• There was an accident or fire originating from or near the charger.

• Water or other liquids have entered the charger.

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