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VOOL App Charging Options
VOOL App Charging Options
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The VOOL mobile app offers flexible charging options tailored to your EV charging requirements.

On the dashboard, you can access your charger and select your preferred charging method:

  • Manual

  • Smart Charging

  • Recurring

Manual Mode

Start and stop charging any time you need.

Smart Charging

Set up charging, and the VOOL app will help avoid costly charging hours.


Charge your EV according to your preferences every time you connect it, without the need for manual activation. Our recommended method for EV charging.

Recurring mode works only when your EV has been linked to the VOOL platform.

Additional charging modes are in development

More options for setting up EV charging will be available with the VOOL app. We are developing integration with solar panels, allowing for smart charging when solar energy is available. Additionally, custom charging schedules are on the way.

We welcome your suggestions for enhancing the charging experience! Feel free to share your ideas with us at [email protected]

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