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List of supported EV brands
List of supported EV brands

supported vehicle brands

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Please note that the process of linking your car to the app is facilitated through our partner, Enode. It's important to note that Enode continually expands its list of supported vehicles, although not all models are currently fully integrated. You can verify the complete range of brands and models they currently accommodate by referring to the following list: Enode Supported Vehicles

When examining the list, focus on the "Integration status" and "Capabilities" fields, as the success of adding your car to the app hinges on their statuses:​

  • If your car model's "Capabilities" field indicates "Limited," there is a possibility that adding the car to the app could encounter difficulties.

  • Likewise, if the "Integration status" field carries a "Beta" label, you can attempt to add the car, though there is no absolute assurance of successful integration. Even if the addition is successful, certain limitations might persist.

We advise you to consider these factors while attempting to connect your car, as they play a significant role in the compatibility and functionality of the app with your specific vehicle model.

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