Duration of Charge
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The charging duration depends on many factors, such as battery capacity, charging speed, initial state of charge, available current, ambient temperature, vehicle battery health, and user settings.

Charger Temperature: During hot days, or when installations are carried out in direct sunlight, the charger may heat up. This increase in temperature can subsequently reduce the charging speed.

• Battery Capacity: The size of an EV battery determines how much energy it can store, and consequently, how much time it takes to charge. Larger batteries generally require more time to charge compared to smaller ones.

• Charging Speed: The charging speed relies heavily on the type of charger being used. It will also depend on maximum charge rate supported by the EV. Typically, an 11 kW charger can charge an electric vehicle overnight. A 22 kW charger provides twice as much power, which significantly reduces the charging time.

• Initial State of Charge: The time it takes to charge the battery also depends on its starting charge level. If the battery is partially charged to begin with, the overall charging time required will be less.

• Available Current: The charging speed is largely determined by the amount of power delivered to the EV. The higher the available current, the faster the battery will charge.

• Ambient Temperature: Charging times can vary in extremely hot or cold temperatures. The battery management system reduces the charging rate to avoid potential damage to the battery.

• Battery Health: The condition of the battery also influences the charging duration. An aging or damaged battery may not be capable of accepting a full charge, consequently extending the required charging time.

• User Settings: Some EV models offer the option for users to set the charging rate or delay the start of charging, which will affect the duration of charging.

The duration of EV charging depends on multiple factors, and real-time insights for the charging duration are available to view on the VOOL network. You can access this information via your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. After adding a vehicle to the VOOL network, data related to the time required to fully charge and the battery level will be displayed in the admin view.

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